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AWS Products
Offering a wide range of products.

Product Overview

The AWS product line covers a broad variety of applications, from a simple 25 In-Lb bench-mount tester for torque screwdrivers, to a 2000 Foot-Pound fully pressure sealed submersible torque verification system for hydraulic tools operating 4000 meters underwater. We work on many custom orders, from dual channel rotary transducer systems for checking the motor torque of electric wheelchairs to a system designed to find the center of gravity of cargo containers. We have a full machine shop including one three axis and one four axis CNC mill and one CNC lathe. We design most of our products in 3D and can provide rendered images of a designed product before any cutting is done.

The variety of projects we've worked on and the capabilites we have are to broad to fully document on this site, so please browse some of our product offerings to the left, and give us a call if you don't see the right product listed.

We are always adding products to our line so we may offer a standard product not yet shown here, and even if we don't offer a standard product that fits your needs, we can still come up with something to solve your problem.

The AWS Difference

We design and sell many different products, but they all have one thing in common: we are a quality and value-focused company working to provide the best quality product at affordable prices. Some of the things that set us apart from other companies are:

High quality electronics

Every circuit board used in our products was designed in-house from the ground up to be part of the best possible torque measurement system. The output of a torque cell is just a few millivolts, and while most companies opt to simply amplify that signal to 5 volt levels and measure it with a normal analog-digtal conversion (ADC) chip , which also amplifies noise and error, we instead use a high quality 24-bit ADC in our 0.5% and 0.25% systems that was specifically designed to measure these millivolt-level signals directly, without amplication. Also, because it is a 24-bit chip, we have over 16,000,000 levels of sensing accross the voltage range we measure. That is significantly more than something more common, like a 16-bit chip, which only has about 65,000 levels of sensing. The increased resolution allows us to accurately compensate for any non-linear behavior in a shaft to ensure that readings are accurate throughout the entire torque range of a shaft.

High quality mechanical components

All of our major mechanical components are designed and machined in house. Many companies buy off the shelf plastic housings for their handheld testers, but our AWS-4050 handheld tester, like most of our products, is machined from billet aluminum. Our AWS-4050-MINI is machined from solid stainless steel. Most of our other products are machined from aluminum or steel, aside from some of our bench mount units which are made from custom bent and welded sheet metal.