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Calibration and Repair Services
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Torque Tool Repair, Calibration, and Certification

Advanced Witness Series, Inc. maintains a torque tool repair, calibration, and certification lab at its facility in San Jose, California. Our calibration lab is equipped to work with all types of torque tools, starting at 0.1 through large multipliers and hydraulic wrenches at 25,000 Lbf.ft.

In addition, we are able to recalibrate and certify all types of torque testers, including both mechanical and electronic units. AWS also maintains a Quality Assurance Program which meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-STD 45662. All testers are returned with certificates traceable to NIST, with as-found and as-left data. Upon request, NIST certification on torque wrenches can be provided.

Our Primary Standards are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. Our arms are radiused to eliminate cosine error. The total measurement uncertainty of our primary standards, weights, and arms is ±0.025%. This makes them accurate enough to certify analyzers with accuracies of ±0.1% in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Although primarily designed for electronic torque transducers with female square drives, these arms and weights can be used to test all types of torque analyzers, such as mechanical testes, flange mounted electronic transducers, and rotary transducers.

In addition to arms and weights, we maintain a full range of torque transducers for any use, and a full repair facility. From a simple calibration, to strain gauge placement or board-level repairs, we can help with your calibration needs.